How Yoga Helps With Your Busy Schedule

Our students here at The Hot Room have seen all kinds of transformations, not only physically, but also in their day-to-day life. Shawn Scott, student and now instructor (YAY!), explains why she is thankful that she found a home in The Hot Room.

Shawn began practicing with us in 2015 and within her first year, she lost 30-40lbs, developed a lot of strength and toned her body like she never had before.

Not only is her dedication to this practice evident on the outside, but she also saw other aspects of her life enhance as she deepened her practice. She accredits yoga to her increase in focus at her job, something her colleagues even noticed! “To get the output they need from me, I’ve got to go and do this,” she said.

Her husband, who also practices at The Hot Room, notices how much yoga effects Shawn’s life. He realized that the energy that she puts into her practice allows her to give back more to her family at home.

The one resource we all wish we had more of is time. Shawn’s absolute favorite class is the 90 minute Original Hot Yoga, which can turn into a 2-hour commitment. But she learned to build her practice into her busy schedule, claiming that yoga is an irreplaceable part of her life.

If Shawn can figure out how to balance a busy, structured work schedule, a fun-filled family life and hot yoga, YOU can too!