Our students all possess a unique story on how this practice has impacted their life. Each has their own reason for walking through the doors at The Hot Room. They have all experienced some form of transformation from this practice. During the month of October, we will be sharing several student stories to acknowledge their transformations. Get ready to be inspired and read on to learn how Jennifer Huss transformed her life at The Hot Room:

Recently I decided I was going to take back my physical health, so I started working out at home. I progressed into the gym and signed up for my first obstacle course race. This race consisted of 13 miles and 20 obstacles. Sixty pounds later and four races under my belt I was feeling good but not great. The cardio, circuit training and weights left me feeling tired and worn. I also felt pressure to keep it up but there wasn’t a workout to recover and replenish me. I tried Bikram yoga while on vacation, and the day I returned home I sought out a hot yoga studio and found The Hot Room.

I joined The Hot Room in April 2017, and in a short amount of time I realized THR is my fountain of youth and it restores me. I feel energized, challenged, inspired and accomplished when I leave. When I started going to THR I found it to be my oasis. It was only me, I knew no one, I knew nothing about yoga and it was fresh. No one needed anything from me and I just took it all in. The Hot Room regenerated me and brought me through to the next stage of my life. Yoga is my therapy, downtime for my mind and a time to be kind to my body.

My physical transformation during my time at THR includes losing 13 additional pounds. I also feel lean and better aligned. The mental and emotional benefits I’ve received from my practice have improved my life substantially. I take the peaceful focused atmosphere inside the room outside with me when I leave.  My reaction to the world is like my breath—calm and steady. I learned to let situations be what they are and no more.

I have developed such a strong passion for my practice that I went to Sterling Hot Yoga Teacher Training in Puerto Morelos, Mexico for four weeks this summer. The training and the people I met were incredible.  My transformation continues as I develop my teaching style and prepare to get on the podium and lead class. I have this new passion in my life to inspire others. That is one of the most positive aspects of my transformation.

The students at The Hot Room inspire me daily. It’s a hard and disciplined practice, and I admire everyone that accomplishes their goal to get in the room day after day. I also love the way The Hot Room involves the students. The contests, challenges and recognition are well utilized platforms to motivate and create a sense of team. Who doesn’t want to be on a winning team like The Hot Room? You never lose here!