When I started practicing at The Hot Room almost 4 years ago I noticed right away that the more I came, the better I felt.  Each time I came to my mat I noticed small improvements in my poses and felt my body becoming more accustomed to the heat. I was sleeping better, eating better and had more energy than I had felt in years. I knew this yoga was good for me, but I hadn’t fully committed myself to the practice, and then came February.

I started hearing the buzz around the studio about a 30 Day Challenge–30 classes in 30 days. Whoa. Could I handle it? How would I work that many classes into my already busy schedule?  Who goes to yoga every day? After class one night I pulled out my calendar. I started plotting out my classes and realized it would mean sacrificing some sleep and some social time, but it was totally possible. I asked myself WHY this challenge, and the answer was because I wanted to feel good. I wanted to experience those benefits every single day that I was living, and to prioritize my health and well-being.

Taking 30 classes in 30 days was definitely challenging but the benefits from that experience were immeasurable. I fully committed myself to my practice and started noticing small changes in my body, and also in how I operated in the world. I started to feel a deep sense of connection to The Hot Room community. I was making friends with other  yogis I’d see in the studio daily. I did indeed take 30 classes in 30 days and it was amazing. I’ve participated in every 30 day challenge since and I always remember my WHY.

Every challenge I do I find ways to make the HOW work for me. Here are a few tips I want to share on how you can get to your mat in 30 days.

    1. Review your calendar and mark the time when you plan to take a class. Make it a goal to go everyday but if you miss a day, find time in your schedule when you might be able to double up classes. I love to take a 45 minute Inferno Hot Pilates followed by an Original Hot Yoga class. If you know you can’t make 30 classes happen, find a partner to share the challenge with. Keep each other accountable and cheer each other on.
    2. Plan your meals and snacks for the week. Spend a little time shopping and planning so that you have the fuel you need during the challenge. Make sure you have a good water bottle with you always so you are constantly drinking water. Hydration is so important always, but especially important during a challenge like this.
    3. Document your challenge! Share with your friends on social media and enjoy the cheering squad! Check in at The Hot Room, tag us and use the hashtag #30daysofsweat.
    4. Remember your WHY. What inspired you to take on the challenge? When you are questioning whether to go to class, remember your why! You’ll thank yourself every time you finish class.
    5. Treat yourself! Maybe you need a new mat or have your eye on something in the Hot Boutique, reward yourself when you reach your goal!

I encourage you to join the 30 Day Challenge and experience it for yourself! See you on your mat!

About Erin Polley

Erin Polley teaches Hot Power Vinyasa and Hot Power Sculpt at The Hot Room. She’s also the Community Engagement Manager. Erin had been practicing yoga at various studios and on her own for about 15 years and one day came into The Hot Room because the day and time was right for her. From the moment she walked in, she felt welcomed and affirmed. Erin decided to commit to 30 days of yoga and see how she could fit into this community and what the yoga could do for her. More than 500 classes later and a certification in Hot Power Vinyasa, Erin continually strives to make The Hot Room accessible to anyone she meets. Read more about Erin in her bio.

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