Embarking on a health journey can be overwhelming. Many of us set so many goals and want to accomplish so much when it comes to improving our health. Tariq Kahn is one those individuals. He tackled his health goals and surpassed what he thought was impossible.

In a few short months of his membership at The Hot Room, Tariq committed to a dedicated practice, successfully completed the January Jumpstart wellness program, and signed up for the Run, Sweat, Stretch  training program. Tariq’s dedication and positivity makes him the perfect student spotlight.

Tariq credits a lot of his success in the January Jumpstart wellness program to The Hot Room’s wellness coach, Laura Burdick. He thoroughly enjoyed his jumpstart month and learned how to be successful with his wellness goals for the longterm. Tariq experienced such great success, he is still carrying on with what he learned today.

“Since my wellness coaching, I am still carrying my healthy food practices. My performance on the yoga mat suddenly went from a struggle to making it through with gas in the tank to spare. Now I can make it through an Original Hot Yoga routine purely breathing through the nose. I couldn’t do that at the start. My wellness journey at The Hot Room continues to provide very real, highly motivating results on and off the mat.”

Tariq started his wellness journey by giving Laura an honest account of his goals. Weight loss being his primary goal.  With some help from Laura, Tariq started eating vegetables and quality proteins at every meal. He also learned to eat only when he was truly hungry, and the importance of sleep and writing in his gratitude journal. All of this was to keep himself accountable. That accountability is what Tariq believes to be the key to his success.

“Laura asked me to send her a text of my food at every meal or snack.  That accountability transformed my diet, and it was the healthiest run of eating in my life!”

For Tariq, having the confidence and knowledge to know he had consistent input, expertise, encouragement and feedback during the program was huge.

“Laura encouraged me and cheered me on the whole time with live video feeds on Facebook and shout outs on Instagram, as well as weekly 1-on-1 meetings. We would assess progress and establish changes for the following week.  She had questions prepared to pose to me to make me introspect and try to direct my own progress, empowering me to take control of my health.”

At the end of his January Jumpstart, Tariq lost 8 pounds and nearly 2 inches from around his waist. He also received comments from his co-workers on how he looked slimmer.  Tariq is now unstoppable when it comes to his commitment to his personal health. Through this program and through his dedicated practice, Tariq realized his success was a matter of course, working with Laura and The Hot Room team.

Are you looking for motivation to improve your health? You can contact Laura to discuss your goals and options. She would love to help you.

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