As a runner, you probably already understand how important it is to build a strong mind and body connection. When your body wants to give out, your mind tells you to keep going. When your mind tricks you into thinking you can’t take another step, your body proves that you are strong enough to finish what you started.

This is one of our favorite things about yoga. In every class, you develop a deeper appreciation for all that your body does for you every single day. Yoga allows you the space to become more aware of your individual physical and mental capabilities and reminds you that you can do anything you put your mind to.

Imagine the best stretch you’ve ever had after a run. How long did it last? Have you ever given yourself 60-90 minutes of pure stretching post-run? In the Hot Room, your time is dedicated to concentrating, stretching and meditating, overall allowing yourself to become more intentional with every movement.

And really, there’s no better way to reward your body for enduring a high-impact run than to stretch and recover in 105-degree heat.

Here are some reasons why all runners should give hot yoga a try:

Eases the mind – Race day can bring a lot of jitters and butterflies. Hot Yoga builds mental strength by learning to be still and breathe in uncomfortable or stress-inducing situations.

Expands lung capacity – learn and exercise breathing techniques that allow fresh oxygen to cleanse your system and support endurance work without logging extra miles.

Protects your knees – one of the most common injury or pain points for runners is due to high impact on your knees. Yoga helps alleviate stress by creating space in the joints and strengthening muscles surrounding the knees.

Improves circulation – Our state-of-the-art heating system improves circulation, which promotes faster recovery and decreases soreness. The heat allows students to deepen stretches, which will maintain and improve flexibility that is often lost in runners.

Opens hips and hamstrings – Runners are known for tight hips and hamstrings. Backside stretching helps to reduce injury and increase flexibility.

Prevents shin splints – Yoga introduces many movements that strengthen the muscles lining the shin, which helps prevent strains in shins and legs.

We’re so excited to cheer on our community in the Mini Marathon this weekend. Don’t forget to bring your bib into the Hot Room for a FREE class and grant your body all that it deserves!