It’s hard to believe it’s been almost two weeks since I officially entered into a new decade (40!), which is nuts!

I may be 40, but a large part of me still feels like I am 25!

It’s true!  I am living my life with more vitality, strength, and purpose than ever before.  Through my practice at The Hot Room AND the support of our inspiring community, I feel more alive than ever.  

I know that many of you have a similar story of transformation and for my birthday, I asked to hear how The Hot Room has transformed your life.

Well, I asked and you certainly answered. I was simply overwhelmed with how you all shared in a honest and vulnerable way.  Every story gave me chills and you left me in awe of your commitment to the most important person in your life…YOU.

Many people practice yoga to gain flexibility, but I’ve witnessed how so many have achieved so much more. One of our clients said it best: “I make time to attend hot yoga to take care of all the things UNSEEN…the toned muscles and decrease in body fat are an added bonus.”

Yes, many people lose weight and get in the best shape of the their life, but what makes a Hot Room practice different than going to the gym or another fitness class are all the benefits that you cannot see on the outside.

Here’s a glimpse into the VAST benefits that our community is experiencing everyday.  

“I am finally free from chronic back pain.”

“It has taken my anxiety level from 15 to a solid 2.”

“It provides me continual stress relief and it is positive for self-esteem and body image.”

“I lost 30 pounds and I feel better than ever.”

“It is a valuable gift of strength that I have never felt before.”

“This practice cultivates gratitude in me.”

“It is an integral part of my healthcare.”

“I now see what I am capable of.”

“I’ve slept through the night every night since I started.”

“I feel part of an incredible community.”

So many people have no idea how good their body and mind can feel.  One client even shared, “My life BY (before yoga) was mediocre at best.”

I acknowledge all of you for showing up on your mat everyday. Nothing happens unless you take action. It’s so easy to lay on the couch and binge on Youtube.

Do the hard things.  Do the things that make you nervous. Do the things that allow you to access the most powerful version of you. Life is way too short to live any other way.

What will your AY (after yoga) life look like?  Time is NOW.

This could be your BEST summer yet!

About Hye Jin

Born in Seoul, Korea and raised in Seattle, WA., Hye Jin started working for Eli Lilly and Company after college, which led her to Indianapolis! She and her husband, Ashish, discovered Bikram yoga in New York. Once it was time to move back, Hye Jin looked at the yoga scene and discovered Bikram yoga was not offered in Indianapolis. That’s when she realized she needed to build the studio. In her spare time she loves spending time with her husband, Ash, and two girls, Maya and Annika, and their dog Cooper. When she’s not in The Hot Room, she’s outside hiking, traveling, and exploring new cities. To learn more, visit her page.