We hate to see our students go, but we love to watch them leave with a strong foundation in not only their practice, but in themselves.

As much as we wish we could keep everyone in our community forever, we understand that life sometimes has different plans. We can only hope that they feel better equipped to take on the world based on the tools they learned while practicing at The Hot Room. Zach Root is one of these special people who made a lasting impact on our community – and it seems that THR made a lasting impression on him.

With the intention of fulfilling his curiosity about hot yoga, Zach was already ready to take on a new way to challenge himself when he stumbled across our Groupon deal. He quickly realized the immediate benefits of his practice and the diverse community surrounding it, giving him the confidence to continually challenge himself and show up to his mat. Within 14 short months, Zach found and established a relationship with his practice.

“I always looked forward to class after being seated or driving all day at work. Class always immediately helped loosen up back pain. I could go into class with a lot on my mind and have it melt away by the end. I have never regretted going to a class, even when I had to force myself to show up. Off the mat, hot yoga practice helped me maintain a healthy weight and understand subtle differences in my posture and stance to be comfortable all day. The benefits of the flexibility, endurance and strength gained in class was obvious in every other life activity – weight training, skiing, running and taco eating contests.”

 Zach’s favorite class always offered a new challenge, and he was ready to receive it every time. Though he may have been cursing the instructors in his head during class, he was always appreciative of the instructors pushing him to his limits.

“Original hot yoga is the most challenging workout I’ve ever done, and it has so many benefits mentally and physically. It’s open to beginners, and the teachers want what is best for you.”

 When you come to The Hot Room, you will experience instructors who are there to help you every step of the way, by answering your questions, giving tips on specific poses or simply to serve as a support throughout your journey. Your relationship with your practice is for you to establish and navigate – we are just here to guide and support you along that journey.

We could not be prouder of Zach and the immense transformation that has occurred over the last 14 months. As much as we’ll miss seeing his face in our studios, the mutual long-lasting impact will stay with us forever!

“THR helped me stay consistent with my workout routine, and I lost over 20 pounds. I felt great inside and out, and I am more in tune with what my body is feeling at any given time. I learned to breathe through whatever situation might be giving me anxiety. I found yoga at The Hot Room and will continue the practice for the rest of my life.

 Some advice from Zach for new students: “You get out what you put in! Show your instructors you’re there to get better every class, and they will make sure you succeed! The best way to practice yoga is in a 105-degree room. I loved the feeling of my muscles quickly loosening with the heat in the room, and I carried a sense of pride in my dripping wet towel at the end of class. You get the most out of THR if you go in ready to be drained physically and can push yourself through the mental side of the heat in the room.”

It’s so special that this yoga has touched each and every person who has walked through our doors. Better yet, every individual’s relationship with this practice is intimate to the practitioner. If you have any questions about starting a yoga practice, we would love to talk with you! Stop by one of our studios or message our email us at info@thehotroom.com, and we would be more than happy to support you in any way that we can!