Made in America: 9 US Vendors at THR to Support this Fourth of July

If you thought we were going to do a post on Red, White, and Blue gear at The Hot Room for the Fourth of July…you’re right! But while we love to celebrate with our patriotic colors, we also want to celebrate by showcasing and supporting the vendors at THR that are based in the United States. Get ready to meet these 12 American vendors and their products that all receive the “Made in America” stamp of approval.

1. K-Deer (New York)

This female founded company is one we’re sure you’ve seen around the studio before. Ever  taken a class next to someone wearing brightly colored stripes? They’re probably K-Deer leggings!

Though they carry lots of yoga wear, their Signature Stripes collection is what they’re best known for, and for good reason! Each style in the Signature Stripes collection is named after inspiring women and support causes that are important to those women. 5% of all proceeds from the Signature Stripes leggings goes toward these causes, and they’ve donated over $150,000 to date.

The K-Deer Fourth of July inspired design, the Susanne Stripe, is dedicated to Lieutenant Colonel Susanne M. Hiscock of the United States Airforce. Donations from these leggings support T.A.P.S., the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, a non-profit Veterans Service Organization that provides comfort and support to families and friends of the brave men and women who have sacrificed their lives serving this country.

If you’re still not convinced, the fabric is moisture wicking and has 50 UPF+ sun protection!

Leggings by K-Deer, Bra by DYI

 2. DIFF Eyewear (Southern California)

 One of The Hot Room’s newer vendors, DIFF Eyewear makes sunglasses and blue-light protection glasses in high-quality styles at an affordable price.

What’s the deal with blue light? Blue light is what’s emitted from screens – phones, tablets, laptops, TVs – which can damage our eyes. The DIFF styles are non-prescription and are meant to be worn while using your technology to protect your eyes. This can help prevent blurry vision and headaches, and lead to a better night’s sleep. And we all know you need great sleep for that 6am Original Hot class you signed up to take.

They have a generous model where they donate one pair of reading glasses to someone in need for each pair that’s purchased. They’ve donated over 1 million pairs of glasses since they launched in 2015!

 3. Vimmia (Los Angeles)

Their motto is “inspired by fashion, designed by pros, committed to performance” and that’s exactly what you get with Vimmia’s line of athletic gear and daily wear. Their name is Latin for “my life force” and they consider themselves a luxury lifestyle brand.

4. Stretch (South Dakota)

 Stretch is THR’s athleisure wash designed to keep your active-wear free from odors without losing the elasticity of the fabrics. It works on all fabrics but was specifically designed for activewear and swimwear so the items with the roughest wear get the best care.

The formula is organic, biodegradable, and hypoallergenic without any bleach, brightener, or dye, among other irritants. That means is safe for kids, those with sensitive skin, and those who are trying to be a little gentler on Mother Earth. You can get the Stretch athleisure wash in liquid or granule form depending on your preference, though both have equally strong reviews.

5. Hanky Panky (New York)

Founded in 1977, this NYC based company has a reputation for making the world’s most comfortable thong. Word around The Hot Room staff is that the rumor is true! They’re really incredible comfortable. What’s the Hanky Panky secret? Each of the fabrics are carefully chosen for their stretchiness, softness, and of course, fit. They also use more thread on each thong, meaning a more durable underwear – super important when it comes to lacey thongs which are too often flimsy and easily torn.

We carry original and low-rise lacey thongs in nude, white, and black basics, and some super fun colored prints and solids too! Test them out for yourself and let us know if you agree.6. DYI (Houston)

 DYI stands for Define Your Inspiration, which is one of our activewear vendor who makes some super sturdy sports bras that keep you strapped in but comfortable during high-intensity classes. They have some great classic styles we’re carrying in black and white at THR, but they also make some beautiful prints that are super popular among THR teachers and students. Yogi Fashionistas, be on the look-out for DYI’s new delivery of their jaw dropping gorgeous navy camo! It will be landing soon at The Hot Room!

Left – Nux bra and legging set; Right – DYI bra and K-Deer legging

7. Nux (Los Angeles)

Nux is known in the apparel industry for their superior seamless technology. When Nux  started the seamless trend, no other brand could match their quality. The same still rings true today. I’m a huge fan of their leggings which are made by out of one of the most comfortable athletic fabrics I’ve ever worn. They are always creating leggings and sports bras in creative colors, cuts, and patterns that make Nux items stand out from the rest. The fabrics even come in two compression levels, light and moderate, depending on how much support you need. Do you own a pair of seamless yoga leggings? Try on a pair and fall in love!

8. Ultima (Ohio)


We hear it all the time in THR studios – drink lots of water! Stay hydrated! And of course, that’s super important after all the sweating we do in class. But water doesn’t carry much of the electrolytes we also lose when we exercise, which is why we carry Ultima, your post-exercise electrolyte replenishing drink.

Each packet of Ultima contains the critical electrolytes you sweat out: sodium, potassium, magnesium, chloride, calcium, chloride, manganese, and phosphorus. The Ultima formula is also zero calories, zero sugar, zero carbs, and zero animal products (so suitable for the vegans in THR family).

Grab a single packet or a canister in one of our five flavors: Cherry, Lemon, Orange, Grape, and Pomegranate.

9. Elan (Miami)

 Elan is one of our lifestyle brands that carries some super stylish looks. Just in time for the Fourth of July, we’re carrying a lot of their blues and white items in comfy linens and light denim colors like the getup below. Also, jumpsuits. Because who doesn’t need the perfect little black jumpsuit to wear to any occasion?

Jumpsuits from Elan

Surprised that we have so many American vendors? This isn’t even an exhaustive list! We’re looking forward to doing some vendor showcases in the future to show you more from some of our top vendors like these. Until then, come into the studios and explore all the American made goods to ring in Independence Day this Fourth of July!

Shop these other looks at THR now:


Glasses from DIFF, Tank from Vimmia, Shorts from Elan.

Glasses by DIFF, cardigan by Freeloader, jeans by Elan

About Sarah Swank

About Sarah Swank

Sarah tried yoga for the first time as a college elective 6 years ago and it’s been a part of her life ever since. Off the mat, Sarah works remotely for a mentoring program for incarcerated teens, owns the women’s community group The Liberated Ladies, travels the world whenever she can, and blogs about her adventures at Suitcase Six. Yin is her favorite class because she always feels like she needs to slow down. Sarah is the Retail Operations Manager and fashion blogger for The Hot Room Hot Boutique.