Laura Burdick: You Get What You Repeat

You are what you eat.
You reap what you sow.
And the sayings go on…

My favorite one most recently is from the book Atomic Habits  by James Clear: You get what you repeat. Similarly, you become what you repeatedly do. If you go for a 3-mile jog, you are not a runner. You train for races, you create time in your day to run, you make a habit out of running…you are a runner.

Many of our habits in life serve us well. Brushing our teeth, holding the door open for others, saying please and thank you, carrying your water bottle with you everywhere.

Where do we have habits that are not serving us? Stress eating, biting our nails, skipping workouts, going to bed too late. News flash – a lot of our bad habits have a negative impact on our health. You get what you repeat.

You won’t change these habits overnight. You have to do them over and over and over again in the way you want them executed until they are like brushing your teeth. This cannot be done simply by goal setting. You have to step set. What are you going to do each and everyday to get to the goal. The goal will become a reality if you are repeating the right behaviors.

I want to have energy! Are you going to sleep more?
I want to lose weight! Are you evaluating your diet and exercise plan?
I want to feel confident in my skin! Are you showing up to your workouts?

Yep. It takes a lot of good habits to live the life we want. But we don’t have to do it all at once. Better yet, you don’t have to do it alone. Join the Six Week Spark. Invest in yourself. You get what you repeat.

About Laura Burdick

Laura is the Studio Manager at The Hot Room. She also teaches Original Hot Yoga, Inferno Hot Pilates, Hot Power Sculpt and Hot Power Vinyasa. As a certified health coach, Laura leads all of The Hot Room wellness programs. To contact Laura directly about your wellness questions, you can email her at  You can also read more about Laura on her bio page.

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