Do you feel like you’re spending hours each week in class sweating, stretching, and hoping for transformation only to look in the mirror and see minimal progress? Not only is this extremely frustrating, unfortunately, it’s also extremely common. See, here’s the thing… exercise is only one piece of the “transformation” puzzle. Diet, on the other hand, is THE missing piece for most people. The next question becomes, “okay, so what diet am I supposed to follow” and “how long do I have to follow it to see results?”. 

The short answer is there is no one diet that is best for everyone. Unfortunate, yes. But here’s what I really want you to understand. Read and repeat. No one diet is going to fit every single lifestyle and if it promises a quick fix its most definitely not a sustainable one that is right for me. The diet world is a business world. Keto, Paleo, Whole30, Atkins, Weight Watchers… you get the idea. These programs promise weight loss. These programs also offer products, books, and promises that often work in the short term but offer little hope for long-term sustainability. How do businesses stay in business? They keep people coming back for MORE. But you don’t want to come back for more! You want to have a transformation and STAY transformed.

What’s a hopeful person to do? I’m not saying never try something new to see if it fits for you. There are pieces of most of these diets that carry some credibility.

What I want you to understand is that drastic dietary changes and days/months of restriction is no way to live forever. You can enjoy the process of transformation and maintain lasting results when you find what is right and natural for your body. Let me let you in on a secret. True transformation takes time and patience.

You probably already know that and you probably already know what little things are holding you back. That extra glass of wine with dinner? Those cookies in the break room at work that call your name? Or maybe you’re restricting so much that your body simply isn’t getting the energy it needs to perform during your workouts? 

My recommendation is to start small. Start with what you know. I know you know what one bad habit you could change today. Still stumped? The 6 Week Spark is all about incorporating small healthy habits to create lasting change and see true transformation.  Sometimes what you need most is accountability. We’ve combined these two things (simple habits and accountability) to create a program that is truly about transforming your relationship with your body and empowering you to live your best life. We hope that everyone who “graduates” from the Spark will feel empowered to better decisions and continue to see results for years to come. 

About Kaitlyn Wong

Kaitlyn jokes about being stalked by Hye Jin when she was looking for Baptiste yoga teachers to hire. Kaitlyn wasn’t looking for The Hot Room, but when she received an email from Hye Jin, she gave the studio a try. Kaitlyn took Hye Jin’s class one time, and was hooked ever since. Kaitlyn’s Hot Power Vinyasa class is motivating and empowering. Her approach is to never fear. In addition to teaching, Kaitlyn is a Registered Dietitian, and along with Laura Burdick, supports the Hot Room community through nutrition coaching under Stride10 Coaching in an effort to help The Hot Room community live their best life. To learn more about Kaitlyn, visit her page.

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