We are at the halfway mark for our 2019 Hot Yoga for Hot Meals and excited to announce we’ve raised $4,445 to support The Patachou Foundation. Our dedicated community referred 662 new students through this program, and our donation classes have collected funds on Saturdays downtown and Wednesdays uptown. We are well on our way to meeting our $7,000 goal to provide meals for one Indianapolis Public School for one year. Thank you to everyone who referred a friend and donated their time the first six months of our campaign. It would not be possible without all of you.

In addition to our referral program, several of The Hot Room community members volunteer their time to serve hot meals at The Thomas Gregg Neighborhood School on a monthly basis to the children participating in the program. We recently asked one of our Karma Yogis and practitioners, Jenn Miller, to talk about her experience volunteering her time at the school. Here’s what Jenn had to say:

Left to Right: Tammy Millot, Jenn Miller and Libby Baert

Q:  Why did you volunteer for The Hot Yoga for Hot Meals program?

A: Initially, I simply wanted to get more involved with serving the Indianapolis community; the Hot Room in collaboration with The Patachou Foundation presented the opportunity to do just that.  It’s become so much more though, you bond with these awesome kids to an extent. I continue to volunteer because of them, to come back each time and see how they’re doing, and to see what they’ve learned from the program.

Q: From your experience why is the program so important?

A: This program is SO important because it is filling their bellies, and enriching their lives. They’re exploring new foods, and interacting with their peers in a welcoming environment. They get to engage in the process, and see, but more importantly eat, a variety of healthy, nutritious foods.

Q:  What have you learned since volunteering at TPF?

A: I’ve learned that I probably take for granted easily accessible food and grocery options. This program exists because of food insecurity, whether that be from financial issues, geographical issues…you name it! I wasn’t fully aware the seriousness of this insecurity, in Indianapolis in specific, until volunteering.

Q: I understand you have a special relationship with one of the kiddos. Can you expand on that relationship?

A: My sweet little friend! This little boy was sitting at a table by himself as the other kids were eating, talking, etc…the staff told me he was very shy and didn’t really speak to many people. So, naturally, I went and sat with him. He (eventually) showed me his valentines, and he laughed as I jokingly told him I didn’t get any! As it was time to leave, he quietly walked to his bag, handed me a valentine, smiled, and walked away. He speaks a little more each time I see him 🙂

Q: Why would you recommend someone from our community to volunteer for this opportunity?

A: t’s an opportunity to be a force for good within our Indianapolis community. An opportunity to have a lasting impact; what these kids are learning through these programs now, they can continue to use in the future.

How can you get involved like Jenn?

Join us in the fight against childhood hunger! Remember to practice yoga, share this amazing practice with your friends, and donate to a school right in our backyard. When you refer a new friend to The Hot Room, and this friend takes advantage of our Intro Month, The Hot Room will donate $5 (or the cost of one meal) in your honor to the Patachou Foundation. If you would like to know how you can volunteer your time and serve hot meals like Jenn,  please email info@thehotroom.com.

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