Everyone is familiar with the Little Black Dress but did you know the Little Black Jumpsuit is giving our favorite classic a run for its money? Now before you say “I can’t pull off a jumpsuit,” I’m here to tell you can! You just have to find the right one. And I dare you to try on our Vimmia & Elan jumpsuits and not fall in love. To prove this jumpsuit is really for anyone, I’ll show you how to Dress to Location with shoes, hair, and accessories so you can confidently rock our THR jumpsuits all over town. You might just find yourself reaching for that Little Black Jumpsuit more often than you thought. 


You never seem to run into more people than when you’re running errands. (Cue flashbacks to meeting your crush on that bagel run while modeling your grungiest sweats and last night’s makeup.) Throw on one of our jumpsuits and you won’t have to worry about who you see. For a sporty look slip on cute tennis shoes, a baseball cap, and some aviator sunglasses. Add an apple watch for an athletic accessory and that to-do list doesn’t stand a chance.

Shoes: Tennis Shoes

Hair: Low-Braid

Bag/Purse: Mini-Hip Pack

Accessories: Baseball Cap, Aviator Sunglasses, Apple Watch

Tip: Try a sporty hip-pack to carry your phone and wallet while keeping your hands free for grabbing groceries or holding that precious coffee. 


Impress your colleagues with your effortless sense of style in these jumpsuits. Wear with a mid-thigh length cardigan and a wide belt for a more defined yet pulled together look. As for shoes – so many styles will work well; menswear loafers, closed toed shoes, boots or even flats will keep you looking professional and fashionable. For accessories, try a sleek blowout, simple stud earrings, wristwatch, and your everyday go-to purse!

Shoes: Flats 

Hair: Manhattan style blowout

Bag/Purse: Day Satchel 

Accessories: Stud earrings, wristwatch, go-to purse 

Tip: Depending on your workplace, you might want to dress the jumpsuit up or down. We recommend starting with the shoes and building the look from there. 


Wow your date in this Little Black Jumpsuit. Pair some kick-ass heels in a bright color or animal print (leopard, anyone?) with some lipstick to match and your date won’t be able to look away. Accessorize with drop dangle earrings and bold cuff bracelet, but skip the necklace so the attention is on your beautiful face, accentuated by an updo or Old Hollywood waves. To carry your valuables, a small clutch pairs well with this glam look. 

Shoes: Heels

Hair: Updo or Old Hollywood Waves

Bag/Purse: Small Evening Clutch

Accessories: Drop dangle earrings, big cuff bracelet

Tip: If you don’t wear heels, dressy flats can be a great alternative.


You don’t want to spend your precious vacation moments lamenting over what to wear. Versatility is key, and that’s why jumpsuits are a must when planning your vacation wardrobe. These jumpsuits work perfectly as a cute cover up by the pool. If you need to run back into the resort or nearby café for a break from the heat, just slip on some sandals. Make sure you don’t forget your DIFF sunglasses (available in THR boutique), floppy sun hat, and bright beach tote! French braids will work well under a sun hat (and keep your hair from getting tangled when you go for a swim). 

Shoes: Sandals

Hair: French braids

Bag/Purse: Beach Tote

Accessories: DIFF sunglasses, beach tote, floppy hat

Tip: If your jumpsuit is too long to wear with low heels, roll up the legs/knot the hem on each leg (depending on the style).


Concerts are the perfect venue to let our inner Bohemian fashionista out to play! We all have a little Boho inside us so why not try it on for size? Wear your jumpsuit with tons of bangles and beaded bracelets, tassel adorned earrings, and espadrilles. For an added touch, try a colorful scarf tied over voluminous, beachy waves and a patterned sling bag. You might even try a wide leather belt to tie it all together. 

Shoes: Espadrilles

Hair: Beachy waves

Bag/Purse: Patterned Sling Bag 

Accessories: Bangles & beaded bracelets, tassel earrings

Tip: Check out our Goodworks jewelry at THR Boutique for some perfect bangles and layered bracelets to complete your look.


We always want to look cute when we meet up with our friends, and luckily this jumpsuit makes it super easy. Throw on some ankle booties and a jean jacket and all you need is accessories to complete your look! A cross-body bag like our Haute Shores one shown below, bracelet, and layered necklace will do the trick. Throw your hair in a half updo for a relaxed and carefree vibe.

Shoes: Ankle Boots

Hair: Half up-do

Accessories: Jean jacket, charm bracelet, layered necklaces, cross-body bag

Tip: If you don’t have a single multi-layered necklace, not to worry. DIY your own by layering thin chains, pendants, or coin necklaces of different lengths. 


Comfort is one of the most important things to consider when planning your travel outfits. Fortunately, the fabrics of our Vimmia and Elan jumpsuits are so comfy you could sleep in them! Pair either jumpsuit with slip-on shoes to get through security with ease. The best part? Both styles come with pockets so you have a place to keep your passport, phone, and boarding pass while you’re juggling all your bags. What more could a girl want? A ponytail is the best for this look so you can keep your hair out of your face as you navigate the airport. 

Shoes: Slip-ons

Hair: Ponytail

Accessories: Carry-on backpack, Chambray denim shirt

Tip: If you’re someone who is always cold on a flight, bring a chambray shirt tied in the front to layer.


You already know we’d love to see you rock your Little Black Jumpsuit to The Hot Room. Pair it with your flip flops and your yoga bag for an easy, comfortable, and stylish look to throw on after class. Add a messy bun and you’ll be among the best-dressed yogis on the street – even after a super sweaty Inferno Pilates class!

 Shoes: Flip Flops

Hair: Messy bun

Accessories: Yoga duffel

Tip: Our Vooray duffels fit an entire yoga mat, along with all the other yoga gear you could possibly need for class. Read our post on The Perfect Yoga Bag for more info on our THR Boutique bag offerings.

Dressing in monochromatic colors from head to toe is a flattering look on any body type and our black jumpsuits take it to the next level suiting every skin tone. Did I mention that they look incredible on people of any age? Come in to THR Boutique and let us help you find the Little Black Jumpsuit for you. We can’t wait to see you Dress to Location and discover how transformative these Little Black Jumpsuits can be for your wardrobe.

About Sarah Swank

About Sarah Swank

Sarah tried yoga for the first time as a college elective 6 years ago and it’s been a part of her life ever since. Off the mat, Sarah works remotely for a mentoring program for incarcerated teens, owns the women’s community group The Liberated Ladies, travels the world whenever she can, and blogs about her adventures at Suitcase Six. Yin is her favorite class because she always feels like she needs to slow down. Sarah is the Retail Operations Manager and fashion blogger for The Hot Room Hot Boutique.