I know it’s still warm outside now but my favorite season (fall) is quickly approaching. No matter where you stand on the issue of summer ending, we can all agree that fall means new styles at The Hot Room – which is something to be excited about!

Behind the scenes, we’ve been working hard to prepare for cooler weather. Our goal? To bring you the best selections from our favorite brands in the top style trends of 2019. You will definitely want to keep an eye out for these 5 fall trends coming to The Hot Room:


If you’ve never been a camo fan before, now is the perfect time to jump on this trend. The styles we’re bringing to the THR this fall are accessible to anyone, whatever your styling preferences.

Personally, I’ve never owned anything camo and usually shy away from this pattern, so I loved these subtler, white-camo Alo leggings. I threw in some pops of unexpected color with Alo’s new Fortify bra in this brilliant Dragonfruit color to give a more fun, feminine feel.

I could also see myself adding a camo Haute Shores purse to a casual little-black-dress and denim jacket – introducing my wardrobe to the idea of classic camo in small amounts.

For lovers of the classic camo print, look no further than our new Elan jeans! Not sure how to style these? Just think of them as a twist on the classic denim jean – you can basically treat them the same way. Emma created an easy street-ready look pairing them with a simple graphic tank and canvas tennies (which we probably all have in our closets).

You could even take yet a different approach and dress your camo up with a black turtleneck and riding boots. Voila – a work-appropriate outfit!

It seems camo is here to stay – we’ve seen some hints of camo maintaining its popularity into winter, spring, and even summer of next year! So, there’s no better time to get familiar with this classic pattern and figure out how you like to wear it best.

We aren’t leaving menswear out of the equation either thanks to the Vuori line. This high-performance active-wear brand added some amazing camo prints in their menswear fall collection.

We can all take some cues from Vuori’s traditional camo print shorts, which they lined with blue mini-polka dot print. Pairing two bold prints, which is called “pattern-on-pattern,” is a classic and stylish move that Vuori nails, and which I’m trying to incorporate more in my daily life.

If the idea of curating a pattern-on-pattern outfit makes you nervous, fear not! There’s a subtle black camo print for you to try instead.

Check out this article for more styling ideas for camo.


Farm to Table has been making its way through our grocery stores. Now the fashion industry has brought the trend to our wardrobes with what some are calling “Farm to Closet” inspired items*. I’ve seen wild things like snake skin print, tiger/zebra stripes, and all-leather-everything out there.

At THR, we chose a wonderful selection of leopard and touched on reptile prints. Keep an eye out for them on the floor as the weather cools!

*(This literal take on farm-to-closet with animal prints and patterns is not to be confused with the farm-to-closet movement that is concerned with how our clothes are made.)

Leopard Print

This fun and sexy print is boldly staking a claim in our closets this fall. Elan’s leopard print v-neck sweater is super versatile and looks amazing on men and women – in case you thought leopard print was only for the ladies!

We also have to talk about this amazing purple leopard cardigan. You can take this in a lot of directions but I think a black crop bra and our black Elan jeans pair great with this cardigan and some black boots. If you’re not into the crop top look, I think a v-neck tee would do the trick too.

Faux Fur

While we might not have anyone fooled with our leopard print, faux furs offer a more hyper-realistic take on the Farm to Closet trend. We’re introducing a new vendor this fall – Emi Jay – with the most amazing faux fur hair scrunchies!

With lots of color options you can make these fun pieces a focal accessory in blush pinks and mustards, and yes – leopard prints! Alternatively, grab a scrunchie in chocolate or black to blend in with your own locks.


Turtlenecks are here to stay this fall, but expect to see a lot of variation in the high-neck trend. There are short-sleeve turtlenecks, long-sleeve turtlenecks, and turtleneck sweaters, along with high-necks, and fold-necks. Oh, and cowl necks too!

While turtlenecks work as a classic work-wardrobe staple, you don’t have to stop there. Pair a basic black turtleneck under a chunky cardigan with leggings, slip one on under an overall jumpsuit with canvas sneakers, or wear with joggers and flip flops for a cozy after class outfit.

The options are nearly endless. If you’re still not sure though, check out this article for some additional turtleneck inspiration.


This fall trend is the one I am possibly most excited about, and I’m sure it’s not hard to see why. Fall marks the start of colder weather where we’re all in search of something cozy. Lucky for us, extra soft fabrics are super popular this season.

There’s the classic soft, fuzzy hoodie from POL that’s absolutely darling on, and perfect to pair with any leggings. Elan has also brought us a few other comfy lifestyle items in several joggers, turtlenecks, and a front-tie top that are so soft you’ll want to sleep in them.

Keep an eye out for Alo’s alosoft leggings (they feel like butter on your skin) and our longsleeve tops in the Alo’s gorgeous Dragonfruit and Glyder’s natural crème colors. You won’t be able to keep your hands off them!


Fittingly for fall, earth tones are huge right now. We have a gorgeous collection of greens, browns, oranges, and deep reds in THR you have to try. I promise that rust-burnt-orange hue will look better on you than you think (if you’ve been afraid of orange in the past like me!)

Army or olive green is making an appearance across the board too in jumpsuit, jogger, sweater, and even cardigan form.

You’ll even see a lot of crossover with our earth tones and the other fall trends. Take our rust sweaters, olive camo leggings and bags, and chocolate and brown leopard print faux-fur scrunchies from Emi Jay, for example!

We’ll be bringing new items to the floor in these five trends all fall. Some items pictured are already available! Come shop THR at our downtown and uptown locations for the coziest, most stylish looks. From the studio to the streets we can guarantee you’ll be on trend.

About Sarah Swank

Sarah tried yoga for the first time as a college elective 6 years ago and it’s been a part of her life ever since. Off the mat, Sarah works remotely for a mentoring program for incarcerated teens, owns the women’s community group The Liberated Ladies, travels the world whenever she can, and blogs about her adventures at Suitcase Six. Yin is her favorite class because she always feels like she needs to slow down. Sarah is the Retail Operations Manager and fashion blogger for The Hot Room Hot Boutique.