5 Tips to Stay Healthy This Season 

At THR, the health and safety of our clients and employees is our top priority.  

We have a team of people to help us keep our studios clean and we are currently taking proactive, preventative measures to create a safe and healthy environment in all our studios.  In addition to our normal cleaning process before and after each class, we are taking extra measures to make sure our mats, weights, and blocks are disinfected.  We are also working with our thirdparty professional cleaning services to ensure all our studios undergo additional sanitization measures.   

Here are 5 simple tips to stay healthy and strong this season: 

  1. Wash your hands with warm water and soap frequently, especially before and after class.  Additional sanitizing wipes and antibacterial hand gel will be available at all our studios. Avoid touching your face, mouth and eyes 
  2. We encourage you to purchase your own mat and towel. We sell Manduka brand yoga mats – the highest quality, antimicrobial, hypoallergenic mats on the market.  Ask the front desk with any questions you may –   we are here to help!    
  3. We still welcome high-fives in class, but if you’d like to refrain, a thumbs up and a smile will work too.   ?  
  4. Move your body, eat wholesome fresh foods, hydrate and take electrolytes to help replenish your nutrients before and after class.  
  5. If you are ill, we kindly ask that you please stay home and return when you are feeling better.   We encourage this with The Hot Room staff too. 


The best way to combat any virus is with a strong, healthy immune system. When practicing hot yoga, the heat combined with movement improves circulation and helps combat illness.   All of our breathing exercises focus attention on using full lung capacity and helps strengthen your lungs and prevents infection. Your body is also much more susceptible to illness when stress levels are high, and we all know more yoga equals less stress. Did you also know that when you sweat, your skin produces natural antibiotics such as dermcidin.  Dermcidin is capable of fighting off both bacteria and fungi! Go on! Lather yourself with your sweat!  

We thank you for doing your part to keep everyone in our community healthy and safe.   

See you on your mats!