At The Hot Room, the health and safety of our clients and employees is our top priority. The Hot Room Leadership Staff are aware of and continue to follow the coronavirus development in the U.S.  

We acknowledge that your yoga practice is important to feeling your best and we will continue to monitor all Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and prevention, and federal and local recommendations. As a last resort, we will close a studio if we feel it is in the best interest of our community or if we are directed to do so by government authorities. 

We are doing everything possible to create a safe and clean environment. We have a team of people to help us keep our studios clean and we are currently taking proactive and preventative measures. We are also working with our third-party professional cleaning services to ensure all our studios undergo additional sanitization measures 

Please take note of the following procedures we’ve put in place: 

  1. We will no longer offer fruit or electrolytes after class.  
  2. Studio props including blocks, straps, weights and bands will no longer be offered for class. 
  3. Our Hot Power Sculpt classes will now change to Hot Power Vinyasa with music. 
  4. We will temporarily no longer offer hands-on assisting in classes. 
  5. All of our front desk staff are required to wear rubber gloves while interacting with our students and while cleaning. We’ve also enforced liberal hand washing and utilizing sanitizer/antibacterial hand wipes before and after classes. 
  6. We wipe down all heavyuse surface areas of the studio including door handles, countertops, iPads, water stations and bathrooms before and after every class. 
  7. We’ve implemented best practices at our filtered water stations and recommend students fill their water bottles before arriving to the studio. We also have bottled water as an option to purchase.  
  8. All of our laundry is set at the highest sanitation level possible and is done on a frequent basis to eliminate bacteria. 
  9. We encourage our teaching staff to give just a friendly thumbs upelbow bump or jazz hands and smile in class for motivation! 
  10. Our teaching and front desk staff are instructed to stay home from work if they produce any symptoms that include a cough, fever and shortness of breath. 

Here are 5 simple tips to stay healthy and strong this season: 

In addition to these steps, we ask that use the sanitation stations and follow the recommendations we’ve put in place at our studios.  

  1. Wash your hands with warm water and soap frequently, especially before and after class.  Additional sanitizing wipes and antibacterial hand gel will be available at all our studios. Avoid touching your face, mouth, ears and eyes.  
  2. We encourage you to purchase your own yoga props, including mats, towels, blocks and straps. We sell Manduka brand yoga mats – the highest quality, antimicrobial, hypoallergenic mats on the market.  Ask the front desk with any questions you may –   we are here to help!    
  3. Hold on the high fives for now.  Let’s thumbs up, elbow bump or use jazz hands and smile in class for motivation 
  4. Move your body, eat wholesome fresh foods, hydrate and take electrolytes to help replenish your nutrients before and after class.  
  5. We ask that you please stay home if you have a cough, fever or shortness of breath. 

For additional resources and information see links below:

State Health Department Reports on Indiana COVID-19 Cases  
Center for Disease Control
World Health Organization

The best way to combat any virus is with a strong, healthy immune system. When practicing hot yoga, the heat combined with movement improves circulation and helps combat illness. We thank you for doing your part to keep everyone in our community healthy and safe. Keep up your practice and doing things that give you joy!  

Please also continue to follow along as we work toward providing you the best possible options. Soon we will post to our members only Team Hot Room Facebook group some videos to help you stay in your practice if you are unable to come to class. We will have more online options coming soon for Team Hot Room!

Remember to just breathe – everything else is optional. We will see you on your mats! 

The Hot Room Team