At The Hot Room, the health and safety of our clients and employees is our top priority. The Hot Room Leadership Staff are aware of and continue to follow the coronavirus development in the U.S.  As of tomorrow, March 17, we will temporarily close all THR studios. Thank you for your support and trust as we navigate through this difficult time. We understand you might have several questions, and it is our hope this FAQ will help answer some of them. Please also know you can continue to reach us by phone and email. 

Remember to just breathe – everything else is optional.

Why did THR decide to close temporarily? 

While we took all possible measures to remain open during the uncertainty, the Mayor of Indianapolis has required fitness facilities to close as of Tuesday, March 17, 2020To keep all of our students and staff safe, we also decided to close our North Shore location. 

What dates will THR be closed? 

Our classes will be temporarily canceled beginning March 17, 2020. We do not know our re-open date, but you can rest assured we will open our doors as soon as we can! We will continue to follow along with all federal, state, and local mandates to determine our re-open date.  

How will I continue my THR practice? 

Virtually! You will have access to classes up to five times per day. We will be live streaming classes every day with a small group of our staff only! You will see these classes on our regular schedule as occurring in our “Virtual Studio.” The same way you would sign up for inperson classes, please register for our Virtual Studio. Please note: you must sign in 5 minutes prior to class start time  in order to receive an email with the link to participate. The classes are taking place via ZOOM. For information on how to download this for free, please watch this video.

You DO NOT have to have a zoom account or pay a fee to Zoom in order to participate in all of our virtual classes. 

Is it OK to do these practices without the heat? 

Although it will not be the same as being in a heated space like The Hot Room, you can engage in all of the modalities offered without the same level of heat and humidity. The heat serves a lot of purposes, but our workouts are safe and effective. At the beginning of each practice, just give your body some additional time to warm-up before going 100%. Trust us, this stuff still works ?  

With studios closed, what will happen to my monthly or annual membership?  

Your membership allows you access to the THR Virtual Studio so you can stay in your practice when you need it most. Additionally, you will enjoy exclusive access to special classes, and comprehensive health and wellbeing focused content via our exclusive Members-Only Facebook page – Team Hot Room. If you haven’t joined in on the Team Hot Room Facebook page, do so now so you don’t miss out: 

What if I have an Introductory Offer or Groupon? 

You will have access to our virtual classes during the length of your intro offer and Groupon!  

What if I have a class pack? 

The classes are good towards our Virtual Studio as well. We will, however, offer expiration extensions if you do not utilize your class pack during the active time frame.  

Will I be charged a late cancel feel for any virtual classes?

No. At this time we will wave all late cancel fees, but stay in the practice of doing an early cancel.

Will you be continue to offer private, 1:1 sessions during this shut down? 

Please send any inquiries regarding private, 1:1 sessions to 

Will the Group Runs still be happening on Saturday morning at the downtown studio? 

Yes. Facilities will be closed but you can join us outside for a run and fresh air. 

Will The Hot Boutique be open for retail purchases and pick-ups? 

Follow along on social media to see our hours and virtual shopping experience! 

Instagram – @thehotroomyoga 

Facebook – @thehotroomindy 

I am a monthly member and trying to sign up for a virtual class but am being redirected to ‘buy services?’ 

As a member, your account is only active one month at a time. If you try to enroll in a class that is after the date of your normal monthly charge date, it will send you to ‘buy services.’ Don’t worry, once your next membership charge applies you will be able to enroll in classes for the next month. We will not cap the number on these classes, so there will be plenty of room for you when you are able to register!

How can I keep supporting The Hot Room? 

Stay on your membership and participate in our Virtual Studio classes as well as be present and engage with us on Team Hot Room Page – Now, more than ever, we need to come together as a community to support each other at a physical, emotional and mental level.  As a Team we will get through this unprecedented time stronger and ready to jump back into our practice at the studios. Leave us a review on Yelp, Google Business or just send us a note that we can share with our staff.  

If you’re considering canceling or pausing your membershipplease don’t. This will significantly impact The Hot Room and this is our biggest fear. We have already experienced the effects of COVID-19. As with most small businesses, a closure of any kind can be devastating, so we ask anyone, who can afford it, to stay on as a member with us. The only way that we will survive is with your support.   

What if I still need to pause my membership? 

 If you need to pause your membership please click on your studio and fill out our request form below. 

Uptown Indy Studio 

Downtown  Indy Studio 

North Shore Studio