Click here for video or read the message from Ash and Hye Jin Kalgaonkar below.
Dear Team Hot Room,

This is quite simply the hardest letter we have had to write to date.

With mandates that came out today from government officials, we are following orders, and effective Tuesday, March 17th, we will be temporarily closing our studios in Indianapolis and North Shore. We will take this day by day and will keep you informed when we are given the approval to open our doors again.

This studio is not only our livelihood, but the livelihood for over 100 staff members. We have touched over 20,000 lives in our Indianapolis studios in addition to our newest studio in Chicago’s North Shore. This practice and community has literally transformed SO many lives. For many of you, this practice has even saved your life. Now, our focus must expand to include helping those who are most vulnerable and to contain the spread of COVID-19.

With complete transparency and honesty, we are scared. This is a very challenging time for all of us. However, we know that the unique community we have built together, Team Hot Room, will be the beacon that lights the path forward.

How will we do this? The best way we know…by keeping our minds right, moving our bodies, and staying connected with each other! Now more than ever, we need to pull together and practice mindfulness, engage even more in being present and compassionate and of course…BREATHING!

This closure is temporary and this too shall pass. We will pass this test together!

Until then, our amazing team has been working to bring this practice to you in the next best way possible – virtually! So many of you have already experienced classes in The Hot Room’s Virtual Studio. We have already added more classes to the Virtual Studio schedule.  If you have not yet had a chance to practice through our Virtual Studio, please see below for directions on how to do so.

Here’s a reminder on how up sign up for our live virtual classes:   

1. Download the Zoom application prior to the class time. Watch this video on how to navigate Zoom.

2.  Pre-register on our app or schedule at least 5 minutes before the class start time.

3.  After you sign in, you will receive an email a couple minutes prior to class with the link to log in and practice with us.

4.  Enjoy your class!

Interested in becoming a member? Please email us at  

Your current monthly / annual membership allows you access to the THR Virtual Studio so you can stay in your practice when you need it most. Additionally, you will enjoy exclusive access to special classes, comprehensive health and wellbeing focused content via our exclusive Members Only Facebook page – Team Hot Room. We even have a Kalgaonkar Family Yoga class scheduled for tomorrow at 3p! 

If you haven’t joined in on the Team Hot Room Facebook page, do so now so you don’t miss out:

Lastly, if you are considering canceling or pausing your membership, we ask that you reconsider. This will significantly impact The Hot Room and this is our biggest fear. We have already experienced the negative effects of COVID-19. Your membership is what allows us to share this transformational practice. As with most small businesses, a closure of any kind can be devastating, so we ask anyone, if it is possible, to stick with us through this unprecedented time. The only way that we will survive is with your support.

If you decide you need to make a change to your membership, please see our FAQ document and fill out the requested form. A member of our management team will be in touch. Please also refer to our FAQ document to help answer any additional questions you may have.

We are overwhelmed with the support you continue to share with us through your positive comments, posts, notes, texts and phone calls. THANK YOU! We and our staff appreciate you more than you know. Please continue to take care of your bodies, support each other and be kind.  This is the time where we must truly put our yoga practice into action.

With gratitude and love,

The Kalgaonkars