During these challenging timesmany of us are re-calibrating our priorities and getting more clear on what is really important in our lives.  Isn’t it interesting how material things like shopping, how celebrities are spending their times, reality TV shows, etc., seem less important right now? 

There are so many positive things that will come out of this global pandemic. Times like this are actually a unique opportunity to get clear on your why or purpose in life and how you will work towards that purpose.   

I love this quote from Mark Twain –  
 “Two of the most important days in your life – the day you were born and the day you found out why.”  

I get chills every time I say it out loud.   

It took me awhile to understand that a meaningful life full of happiness and purpose does not happen by accident.  You have to do some work, get clear on your why, have a personal mission and take action on a life plan.  You have to organize your mind and actually help your mind know where you want your life to be going, what you want it to look like.   

Consider that every action you take is serving you and your bigger purpose or it’s working against you.  Consider that your energy must be guided and focused or it’s wasted.  

Whew! Those words can hit hard on the soul.   

So where do we start?  How do we get clear on our life’s purpose?   

First, think about all the people you meet on a daily basis.  The people at the grocery store, co-workers, your waiter or waitress, friends, family, etc.  What words would you want them to associate with you?  Another way you could think of this – When you pass, at your celebration of life, what do you want your friends and family to share about you?  

Make a long list of all the words that come to mind.  

Now, pick the top 3.  The top 3 words that fill up your heart and make you proud.   

Right now, my words are joy, strength and inspiration.  

Once you have your words, you must now figure out a way that you will be constantly reminded of how you want to show up for yourself and for others.  Perhaps when you wake up every morning you say your 3 words 10 times before you start your day.  For all of you who have a journaling practice, write these words down everyday.  If you do not constantly remind yourself in some way, you will lose focus.  You will lose the opportunity to live your life with intention and purpose

The worst thing you could ever waste is your life.  I urge you to stop drifting through life and instead commit yourself to intentional living and living with purpose.   

Interested in learning more?  Join me for our next Sunday Zen Series – Find Your Why.  A mini virtual retreat from the convenience of your home.  Join us!