Ashish Kalgaonkar, Owner
Original Hot Yoga
“I love teaching and helping to bring this realization to others.  Like most amazing things, this too will take practice, dedication and time…but the results are nothing short of amazing!

Ashish took his first Bikram class because taking the yoga was the only way to fit into his wife, Hye Jin’s, busy schedule. He outwardly admits he hated his first three classes, but over time, he grew in his practice and decided to become a teacher.  Almost eleven years and two kids later, he and Hye Jin are the owners and teachers at The Hot Room.


Favorite posture?

Awkward pose. Sexy calves!

Guilty pleasure?

Chasing my wife, Hye Jin.

Interesting fact?

I’ve practiced Birkam yoga in several languages including German, Turkish, Korean, Latvian and Spanish.