Caleb Frey
Original Hot Yoga
“I love seeing our students come in as beginners and watch as they grow and push themselves to be the best version of themselves. That’s why I teach yoga.”

After only a couple classes Caleb started to see and feel the benefits of the yoga. Needless to say, he was hooked. Caleb came to his first Bikram class in December 2013 after a close friend told him to try a class. Coming into class Caleb had no idea what to expect, so he invited his sister to come with so he would commit. Caleb was actually too hydrated for his first class and he had to lay on the floor most of class. However, he came back the following Monday and hasn’t looked back since.


Favorite Posture?

Standing Bow. I love how challenging and demanding it is. There is always a different part of my posture to focus on and see where I can take with each attempt.

Guilty pleasure?

Sweets. I have the biggest sweet tooth and will never turn down a good sweet.

Interesting fact about you?

A month before I went to teacher training I packed up my SUV and spent 5 weeks driving from San Diego to Seattle. I would spend my days driving up route 1 and my nights exploring where I decided to park for the night.