Laura Burdick, Director of Sales and Operations
Original Hot Yoga, Hot Power Vinyasa, Hot Power Sculpt, Inferno Hot Pilates and Certified Health Coach
“I teach yoga and Pilates because I want people to be able to say YES to everything in their life. Come to The Hot Room and your ability to access the rest of your life exponentially increases.”

Laura was a lover of Original Hot Yoga before she moved to Indianapolis and was disappointed Indy didn’t have a studio when she moved here. Every month she searched online for Original Hot Yoga/Bikram/26 & 2 Indianapolis until she saw a coming soon ad. Laura bought an annual membership before THR opened their doors and she hasn’t looked back since.


Favorite posture?

Awkward pose, because it tells me early in class just how strong my body is that day. A successful awkward pose means the rest of the class is going to be on fire.

What do you do outside of the studio?

My passions reside in healthy living. Outside of the studio I have a health coaching business, Stride10 Coaching. I also educate and sell safer skincare and beauty products. I am a big fan of traveling, one state over or across the pond. The roles I am most proud of in my life, however, include being an aunt and dog mom.

Guilty pleasure?

Wine and The Bachelor.