Lukas Schooler, Brand Manager
Hot Power Vinyasa
“The practice has been so beneficial to me in so many ways – physically, mentally, emotionally. In particular, I desire to share this practice with other performing artists. More than any other physical activity, I think this practice enables a person to become more aware of his/her/their body – knowledge of how and why the body moves, breath control, increased flexibility, injury prevention. This awareness will speak volumes on any stage. “

Lukas tested out the intro months at nearly every yoga studio in Indianapolis. He started practicing yoga in college, but never found a studio that felt like home. That is until he found The Hot Room in 2016. It was the first place in Indy where the classes felt truly diverse. He didn’t feel out of place and he could tell that feeling was shared with other students. Lukas fell in love with the intensity of the practice. He first hated it, but then loved it. So much so that he started working at the studio a few months into his practice!


Favorite Posture?

Half Moon – I love all balancing postures. Years of training on stilts have been beneficial to this practice! Half Moon is still challenging for me and I enjoy pushing my limits in this posture. Finding the engagement in the raised leg is EVERYTHING.

What do you do outside of the studio?

Outside of The Hot Room, I stay very busy as the Executive Director of NoExit Performance, a performing arts company in Indianapolis. We are Indy’s premier site-specific theatre company, performing all over the city– at Central State, Newfields, the Propylaeum, Garfield Park, abandoned warehouses– you name it, we’ve probably performed there. So most of my free time is spent making giant puppets, performing on stilts, and securing funding to pay all the talented artists we work with. When I do have free time, I spend it with my partner, Jonathan, and our cats Gus and Haymitch.

Interesting Fact?

I’ve received more training in clown and buffoon than in any other performance technique!