Mary Beth Duggal
Original Hot Yoga
“I am personally motivated to prove to each and every one of my students that they are capable of doing anything they put their minds to.”

Mary Beth loved Original Hot Yoga so much she would take road trips to surrounding cities to practice for many years prior to the opening of The Hot Room. Mary Beth met Hye Jin while The Hot Room was still in the preliminary planning stages. She’s proud to say she took a class at The Hot Room on opening day, and never looked back! Mary Beth is not only dedicated student but compassionate Original Hot Yoga teacher.


Favorite posture?

Do I really have to choose? Can I say every single posture? If I had to pick from the original hot series, I would say standing head to knee pose. It took the most amount of determination and dedication. I can tell now, after years of practice, just how strong my legs finally are. Every single standing posture relies on a firm and strong base, and this posture in particular focuses on that.

Profession outside of The Hot Room?

Insurance Defense Litigation Attorney and Mommy to Theodore and Rosalie

Interesting fact?

I was a competitive jump roper for the vast majority of my childhood and teenage years. I was on ESPN, competed in Australia at the world championships, and am a double Dutch national champion.