public health order Regarding Masks 

everyone must wear a mask or face covering while in our lobby, boutique, hallways and bathrooms. Masks or face coverings may be removed once you are on your mat.
Thank you for helping us keep our community safe!


  1. We have had professionals deep clean all studios several times. 
  2. Our studios received a fresh coat of paint and updates to remove clutter and create more open spaces.
  3. We’ve taken several extra steps to elevate the safety of our state of the art mechanical engineering in our hot room by adding the most advanced UV light system available. UV light is a proven solution for killing odors, mold, bacteria and viruses in HVAC systems.
  4. Our staff will always be wearing a mask and gloves in the lobby. 
  5. We will be wiping down all surfaces our customers may come in contact with before and after each class.
  6. Between each class we will be sanitizing the floor with a CDC-certified floor cleaner and mopping. Between each class, the mop head will be washed in hot water.
  7. We will provide wipes in the bathroom stall so each person can wipe down the seat and handle before and after each use.
  8. We will have hand sanitizer available should you want to use it upon entry and exit of the building.


  1. Effective June 26 – anyone taking classes in our studio or online – must sign a new waiver.
  2. Please complete and sign prior to taking your first class in our studio. It’s very important you complete this form before you arrive.
  3. Use your current email and password you use for your MindBody account.



  1. If you are not feeling well or if you have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19, please stay home. We will be here when it is time for you to safely return.
  2. Book your class in advance. We will have limited spots for each class, and they must be reserved prior to showing up. We will not be able to accept walk-in visits at this time. Classes will be available to book on a rolling 7 days. We ask that you only book one class/day and three classes per week in the studio. You can take as many The Hot Room NOW live stream classes as you like. This allows you time to acclimate to the environment and give others a chance to get in for their much-needed sweat. THR staff members will have separate classes on the schedule to give our students as many spots as possible. Only if a spot opens up last minute will a staff member join in a class.
  3. If you need to change your reservation, this must be done twenty-four hours prior to class. In the event that something comes up and you cannot make your class time, we want to give others plenty of time to book. If you do not cancel your reservation within 24 hours there will be a strict late cancellation fee of $25. Thank you for your cooperation. Our goal is to provide as many opportunities as possible for you to take class while we continue to adhere to the guidelines.
  4. Only bring the necessary items into the studio. Leave your purses, bags, and extras at home. All you need for your practice are your yoga mat, yoga towel, and water. There will not be access to the locker rooms for storage so bring only what is necessary. It will be nice to only carry what you need! We will have water for sale if you forget yours. We will have a water refill stations available but ask that you keep the mouth piece at least two inches from the spout.
  5. Masks: Our staff will be wearing masks in the lobby but not in the studio. A face mask is required before and after class.
  6. Rentals will not be available during this time. Please bring along your own yoga mat and yoga towel. We ask that you sanitize your equipment between each use at home. You will be able to buy water if you forget yours. However, please note that no cash will be accepted. We will only be able to use a credit card on your account. Please update your credit card on file if needed.
  7. Studio opens 15 minutes prior to class and closes 15 minutes after. When you arrive at the studio, if the door is not propped open, we are not open just yet. Please wait on one of the social distance markers on the sidewalk for our staff to open the door. This will allow us to provide you with a touchless experience and ensure our staff has plenty of time to sanitize everything before you enter.
  8. Remove shoes in the lobby. There will be an area for people to put their shoes one person at a time. The shoe trays will be near the bench where you can set your phone, keys, and extra clothing. Please do not enter the building until the person in front of you has removed their shoes and gone into The Hot Room to put their mat down.
  9. Walk directly into The Hot Room and put your mat down on a marked spot. The door into the studio will also be propped open for you. Set your mat and towel down at the furthest spot possible in the room. Take a seat or lay down on your mat to wait for class to begin. Always go to the furthest spot available to prevent the need for others to walk by you to get to their spot.
  10. Restrooms: Our restrooms are available if needed. There will be only one person at a time allowed back in the locker room area only for use of the toilet. Showers and cubbies will not be accessible during this time.
  11. After you enjoy your class, please leave class one by one. Once the individual in front of you has their shoes on and is heading out of the building, the next person can leave the room. The studio door and main entrance will be propped open upon exit so you can avoid touching anything during your time at The Hot Room. Our locker room facilities will not be available for showering and changing your clothes. We recommend using layers to go to and from the studio as well as an extra towel on your car seat.
  12. We want to spend tons of time catching up with all of you. Let’s catch up on or The Hot Room NOW.


Will my membership be pro-rated for the time you were closed or my annual membership extended?

Your monthly and annual memberships remained active to provide you with services to keep you healthy in body and mind.  We hope you enjoyed your time in our virtual studios and on our members only page where we provided daily meditations, additional daily workouts, yoga homework and resources for the whole family. It has allowed us to continue to provide you with these additional services now even as the studios reopen! didn’t pause/cancel my membership? Will I get my money back?

We did not automatically pause or cancel memberships as services continued. Our goal is to always support you with your healthy and fitness goals. We pivoted quickly and moved to a virtual platform as soon as we were mandated to close. We recognized that it was more important than ever to help our community stay healthy, strong and connected during these challenging times. We also sent out several communications walking people through how to pause or cancel a membership if they chose to do so.

Will class sizes be smaller?

Yes, our studios will follow the CDC guidelines and will adhere to all requirements as designated by our local and state governments. Our studio floors have been clearly marked to accommodate social distancing guidelines. Class sizes will be limited but will be increased as guidelines allow.

What are your new and updated cleaning protocols and procedures?

  • We have updated many things about our process! We have given ourselves more time in between classes to ensure the following:
  • Two step process with the studio floor – wash and disinfect between each class and mop heads replaced after each use
  • All electronics are disinfected after each class
  •  Door handles are disinfected before, during, and after class
  • Benches, shoe, and belongings holders are disinfected after each class
  • Bathroom countertops, handles and seats are wiped down before and during each class
  • All of our wipes, sanitizers, and cleaners are at least 70% alcohol and CDC-approved for killing Sars-cov-2 virus.

Am I allowed to wear a mask during class?

You are welcome to do whatever makes you feel most comfortable. In accordance with state guidelines, masks are strongly recommended in all public spaces of the studio before and after class. 

When is The Hot Room opening?

June 26

Will virtual live stream classes continue?

Absolutely! Have you heard about The Hot Room NOW ? All of our monthly and annual members have unlimited access to this portal until September 1.

Can I still use my guest passes?

Guest passes will not be available at this time.  Due to limited class sizes, we are saving space for our Monthly and Annual Members only.

How long will each phase last?

The progression of the phases is based on health determinants and decided on by government officials. We continue to stay on top of all news available and how it impacts The Hot Room and our customers.

Will I still have access to the Virtual Studio library?

Please visit our expanded and upgraded version of the library, THR Now.  This on demand platform is available now with a free trial, a convenient and diverse resource for your in home practice. Sign up here: The virtual studio library was a temporary service and is no longer accessible. 

What do I need to know before I come in for class?

Please see studio guidelines and procedures referenced on this page.

How many classes/day will you offer?

This will vary by day of the week and current demand. We will continue to reevaluate and adjust in the early stages of reopening. 

How many people will be allowed in each class?

We will allow 15 students in a class – thanks to our spacious hot room!

What types of classes will you offer?

Currently the following: Original Hot Yoga, HIIT Pilates, and  Hot Power Vinyasa.

Will we use props in class?

We will not be using any props at this time please visit our virtual boutique for personal props you can bring into class with you.  You can purchase props in our studios.

Will there be physical assists in class?

We will not be offering physical assists while social distancing guidelines are in place.

Do I have to wear a mask in class?

Students are not required to wear a mask in class.

Will mat and towel rentals be available?

Mat and towel rentals are currently not available. We do have a wide variety of closed cell mats and yoga towels available for purchase in our boutique.

Will locker rooms and showers be available?

Shower/changing facilities are currently NOT available.  Restroom access will be available to one individual at a time. 

I am not a member. How do I get access to classes today?

If you want to get started today, email and we will help you get started.

Do I need to register for class ahead of time?

 Yes.  There are a limited number of spaces available and booking a class in advance is your best practice.

  1. Sign up for class on-line.
  2. Your request for a space in the class will be submitted as ‘waitlist’.
  3. Studio managers will review the requests and make sure everyone gets a fair opportunity to get into class.
  4. Once placed into a reserved spot you will receive an email and text – please respond to text to confirm your spot.

What if I can’t make it last minute?

Please be sure to cancel your class as soon as you know you cannot come in. Canceling less than 24 hours in advance will result in a $25 late fee.  

How far in advance can I register for class?

Classes will be available one week at a time and will be posted on Fridays around 5:00pm for the following week.

Is there a limit to how many in person classes I can book?

You can sign up for 3 classes each week, no more than 1 class per day. ENJOY!  

We are so excited to have you back in the studio. We will continue these measures to ensure the safety of our students and our staff. We firmly believe that we are at our healthiest when we are practicing our yoga on and off the mat!