Life is too short to be stressed, out of shape, and uninspired. At The Hot Room, we’ve curated the most effective hot yoga and hot pilates classes so that you can experience massive physical and mental transformations quickly and jumpstart your most powerful life.

Original Hot Yoga

The most therapeutic and effective yoga method in the world. This class is designed to heal injuries and chronic pain while working your entire body from the inside out. Gain strength, flexibility, and the mental clarity you need to live your most powerful life. A great place to start for beginners.

Hot Power Vinyasa

Sculpt and tone the muscles of your body and mind with our athletic Baptiste inspired Hot Power Vinyasa classes. You will experience a dynamic hot yoga class consisting of poses that flow together with your breath. This accessible, yet challenging flow will create massive transformations and inspire you to live your life off your mat in a more powerful way.

Hot Power Sculpt

When weights and music meet yoga, Hot Power Sculpt is born. Build lean muscle and gain flexibility as you flow to an upbeat playlist. Add cardio and free weights with your favorite hot power vinyasa flow to elevate your yoga practice in a new powerful way.

Inferno Hot Pilates

Torch calories, create long, lean muscles, and build core strength without beating up your body. This fast paced, high energy class incorporates heat, high intensity interval training and Pilates exercises so that you can experience massive changes. Expect to work hard, sweat, have fun and jam out to the best playlist.

Yin Yoga

Give your muscles a break and instead work your connective tissues such as ligaments, bones and even the joints of your body that are usually not exercised. A necessary part of your practice to balance a busy lifestyle and high energy workouts. This is your time to slow down and release anything that does not serve you.

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