Alentejo & Algarve, Portugal

july 8-15, 2022


Bask in the sun-drenched hills of the Alentejo region and explore the European coastline in the Algarve on this unique retreat to Portugal.


Deepen your relationship to yoga, learn new modalities and practice self-care techniques to incorporate into your daily life upon return. Relax at the pool and enjoy a healing massage between yoga classes. Experience the food, wine, music and culture of the diverse southern region of Portugal. Devour the bright blue views of the ocean and the luscious rolling hills of the countryside, living in harmony with nature for 8 days in community with The Hot Room.


• 7 nights stay in a boutique guest house exclusive to The Hot Room
• 3 farm to table vegetarian meals a day and wine with dinner
• Transportation to and from Lisbon (Humberto Delgado Airport)
• Transportation for day trips to the sea and the Algarve region
• 1 hour massage at the spa
• Portugese cooking class
• Rapid Covid test to return to the U.S. (required)
• Access to the world famous Rota Vicentina consisting of 750km of walking paths along the South West Coast of Portugal



• Heated yoga studio made from upcycled old office containers, cladded with cork from the most “Green” and sustainable trees in the world
• Gorgeous view of the Alentejo countryside
• Daily yoga, pilates, restorative, yin & yoga nidra classes
• Yoga mats and props
• Special workshops to deepen your practice
• Optional 1:1 sessions with instructors


  • Your flight to Lisbon, Portugal, plan to depart on July 7 and arrive July 8 
  • Travel insurance 
  • Meals on day trips 
  • Optional wine tasting tour  
  • Optional clifftop horseback riding tour 
  • Optional canoeing or kayak down the river Mira 
  • Gratuities 

Room Rates

July 8-15 , 2022

Single Rate – $3900

Double Rate – $3300

Your Stay

Enjoy 7 nights stay in a boutique guest house exclusive to The Hot Room. During your stay, you’ll receive 3 farm to table vegetarian meals a day and wine with dinner. Your in-room accommodations include eco-friendly bathroom amenities, fair-trade organic coffee/tea in room, hairdryers, bathrobes, free wifi, and air-conditioning.
*Only 2 rooms available as a double, you must choose your roommate.


What part of Portugal will we be in?

The South West Alentejo and the Costa Vicentina National Park is one of the finest preserved stretches of European coastline, covering over 100 km, from Porto Covo in the Alentejo, to Burgau in the Algarve. The Park includes various unique species of animal and plant life, and is visited by many zoologists and botanists from all parts of the world. The landscape is marked by steep cliffs, that have been given various forms and colouring by centuries of erosion. Many bird species can be seen, such as rare fish eagles. The rarest species is the white stork, given that this is the only place in the world where they build their nests in the seashore rocks. Another rarity is the otter, since this is the only place in Portugal and one of the last places in Europe where it is possible to find otters in a marine habitat. The beaches are highly popular amongst surfers, and are some of the finest in the country. There are a tremendous variety of beaches, including long stretches of sand and small beaches nestled between the cliffs and rocks. The closest beaches to Paraiso Escondido are between 15 – 25 mins by car and these include Zambujeira do Mar, Carvalhal, Odeceixe and Vila Nova de Milfontes. It’s possible to discover many other beaches that have been preserved in a virtually unspoiled state.
A short drive inland you will find the beautiful Alentejo countryside. This mainly undiscovered area is often referred to as the Tuscany of Portugal, with its beautiful sun drenched rolling landscapes dotted with sleepy villages surrounded with cork trees and olive groves. This is a region where you will find some of the most delicious food in Portugal. For all wine lovers, the Alentejo region offers some of the finest wines you could wish to drink. The wines from this region are a hidden gem, with many wonderful Wineries producing world-class wines.

What other areas of Portugal will we explore?

We will take day trips to the Algarve, Portugal’s southernmost region known for its soft climate, white sandy beaches and picturesque towns. There we will explore different beaches for relaxing and villages for shopping, food and drink.

What kind of food will be provided?

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be lovingly prepared each day by our hosts. Their goal is to inspire and encourage connection with food by experiencing unique flavours from locally-sourced and organic ingredients, partly collected from their organic garden. The cuisine is Vegetarian/Vegan with Ayurveda influences which is healthy, exciting and vibrant. 90% of the produce is sourced within a 35km radius to support local suppliers and to reduce their carbon footprint. We will take some meals and snacks out on day trips.

Will alcohol be available?

Wine will be served with dinner and additional bottles are available for purchase at the honesty bar. You will be charged for additional bottles at the end of your stay.

Can I get massages on the retreat?

Included in your retreat price is a one hour massage at the spa. Additionally, you can book a variety of other massages like rhythmic massage, ayurvedic massage, deep tissue and aroma therapy treatments. You can book these services when you arrive for the retreat.

What kind of excursions are offered?

Cliff Top Horse Riding
Horse lovers and naturalists alike will find everything they need here for a relaxing holiday: horses, the ocean at your door step, beach coves tucked into the cliff-side, various leisure activities, the chance to experience a unique natural setting, flaming sunsets, splendidly starry nights, interesting regional destinations, restaurants serving up local specialties.
Ecotrails Canoeing
Canoeing or kayak down the river Mira is an experience not to be missed for those who are visiting the Sw of Portugal. Ecotrails invites you to come and visit the tranquil waters of the Mira, experience its biodiversity and discover the different scenarios that vary according to the tides. From the mouth of its river in Vila Nova de Milfontes, Odemira or Casa Branca, an old wheat shipment wharf, alone or with a group of friends, there are various options which guarantee an enriching experience. For the more adventurous there’s the possibility to establish the connection between the Fisherman’s Trail, in Vila Nova de Milfontes, and the Historical Way, in Odemira by canoe or kayak. Among the various landscapes that the tides provide, you will discover a number of different animal habitats, from crabs to sea birds. At sunset stick around the thick reed beds and watch the unique concert of dozens of birds that find refuge there. Paddles and life jackets are part of the equipment, such as waterproof bags, inflatable cushions and lanterns for canoeing in the moonlight.
Rota Vicentina Walks
On our doorstep, we have the world famous Rota Vicentina consisting of 750km of walking paths along the South West Coast of Portugal. Comprising of The Historical Way with inland walks through beautiful villages and country landscapes, and The Fishermen’s Trail, with walks along the cliff tops with spectacular views out to the ocean. For more information, please go to
Wine Tasting Tour
Portugal is known for some of the best wines. We will visit a family owned winery nearby to try some of the best the region has to offer.

Do I need a passport?

Yes, a passport is needed for travel to Portugal. Please check that your passport is not expired!

Do I need to be vaccinated to travel to Portugal?

Currently, you do not need to be vaccinated to travel to Portugal but you do need to be vaccinated to enter many public spaces or have a negative COVID test administered at least 3 days prior. These regulations could change at any time so it is safest to plan to be fully vaccinated by the date of departure.

Where should I book my flight to arrive to?

All flights should arrive at Humberto Delgado Airport in Lisbon.

When should I book my flights to arrive and depart?

Please book your travel to depart the United States on July 7 and arrive in Lisbon on July 8. Departure is on July 15.

Is airport transfer included?

Yes, your transfer to and from the retreat center is included in the price of the retreat. It’s about a 2.5 hour drive from Lisbon.

Do I need travel insurance?

We highly recommended that you purchase travel insurance and choose a “Cancel for Any Reason” add-on which you can purchase from some insurance providers when buying specific plans. By paying extra for this coverage, you can cancel for any reason under the sun as long as you follow the policies’ purchase and cancel stipulations. Here’s a great article on this add-on and what it does and doesn’t cover.  

Here’s a great place to compare quotes on travel insurance. 

When is payment due?

Payment is due in full 30 days before the date of departure, unless otherwise specified by THR. Payment plans may be set up with payments charged on the 1st and 15th of the month. A $500 deposit must be paid to reserve your spot and set up a payment plan. Space is limited, and reservations will be based upon dates deposits are received. If registrations exceed space available, priority will be given by registration deposit received date. We reserve the right to cancel the trip if it is not meeting the trip minimum and your deposit is returned. Trip cancellation insurance is always recommended.

Can I use the deposit or payments I’ve made on another retreat towards this one?

Yes! If you have a retreat balance with us, we can apply any part towards the cost of this retreat. Please keep in mind you may lose your place in a future retreat if you transfer the deposit to this one.

Can I use my Ultimate Plus & Ultimate Membership Retreat Credit?

Yes! Ultimate Plus members may use up to $300 of their yearly retreat credit and Ultimate members may use up to $200 of their yearly retreat credit.

What should I do to prepare for the retreat?

We ask that you avoid large gatherings for two weeks prior to the retreat, maintain social distancing, wear a face mask, wash hands often, avoid touching your face, nose and mouth and use hand sanitizer frequently. Plan for a COVID-19 test that will give you results within 3 days of your departure for the retreat. A home test will suffice.

What should I do after the retreat?

Plan to get tested for COVID-19 72 hours after you return to the United States. Avoid large gatherings and returning to The Hot Room until you receive your test results. Maintain social distancing, wear a face mask, wash hands often, avoid touching your face, nose and mouth and use hand sanitizer frequently. Look for symptoms of Coronavirus and stay home if you are sick.

What is the safest way to travel by air?

Book your flight on an airline that has the safest COVID-19 protocols in place. Delta, Southwest & JetBlue all leave the middle seat open, disinfect regularly and maintain social-distancing in the check-in and boarding process. All airlines require a face mask. Wear your mask while in transit to the airport, during check-in and on the plane. Use sanitation wipes to clean the high-touch areas around your seat. Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer frequently.

What if I need to get tested for COVID-19 while on the retreat?

The Hot Room staff will have home tests available. We will also test 24 hours before returning to the United States. U.S. citizens traveling to the United States must present documentation of their vaccination status alongside their negative test result conducted one day prior to boarding.

What if I test positive for COVID-19 while on the retreat?

Travelers are not able to board an outbound flight from Portugal to the United States without a negative COVID test. Under the State of Contingency, the Portuguese Government can impose mandatory quarantine for individuals who test positive for COVID-19 and individuals deemed by health officials to require special medical observation. The isolation period (beginning and end) is determined by the local health authorities.

What are the COVID 19 policies and procedures at the retreat center?

The retreat center is operating a ‘no skin contact’ process for all our staff and guests. Our staff are washing their hands thoroughly at every opportunity as per government health guidelines. Our staff wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), for example gloves, masks and aprons, for both your and their protection. We are operating an upscaled sanitizing regime throughout our property in all bedrooms, bathrooms, open public spaces and our kitchen and food preparation area. This is in line with the ‘Clean & Safe’ guidelines issued by the Portuguese Tourist Board. We are implementing social distancing measures as per government health guidelines. All our staff have been told to self-isolate and report if they have any of the recognized COVID-19 symptoms.

What in-room amenities are available?

Liquid soap, shampoo and conditioner are provided in all rooms by Ren Skincare.

Does the retreat center have wi-fi?

Wi-fi is available everywhere.

Is laundry service provided?

Laundry service is available to our guests for a small fee.

Should I bring my water bottle?

Yes. Filtered water is widely available on the property.

What does the retreat center do to conserve energy and protect the environment?

Their ethos is all about ‘Living in Harmony’ and they are very conscious of their duty to help protect the planet that we live on. To this extent they have undertaken several initiatives towards this goal, including:
• Solar energy for heating hot water.
• We are a selected partner with Tesla and have Tesla vehicle and other electronic vehicle charging stations to help contribute to the pursuit of sustainable driving.
• All electric lightbulbs throughout the property have been changed to LED to reduce energy consumption.
• Organic vegetable garden using no chemicals or pesticides.
• Recycling rain-water into our lake for irrigating the lawns and organic veggie garden.
• Ongoing reduction of single use plastic.
• Re-cycling glass, paper products and plastic.
• Use of fair-trade organic coffee with recyclable and compostable capsules.
• Eco-friendly bathroom amenities not tested on animals, supplied in single use dispensers, not in small plastic disposable bottles.
• 90% of our food products sourced within 35km radius to support local suppliers and reduce our carbon footprint.
• Use of organic enzymes to breakdown food and human waste in our septic tanks.
• Ongoing reduction of chlorine based products.
• Our Yoga Studio is made from upcycled old office containers, cladded with cork from the most “Green” and sustainable trees in the world.
• CSR: We support a local co-operative using their sustainably produced jams (Alma da Nossa Gente).
• We educate our employees about eco-friendly behaviour including energy saving and environmental sustainability.
• We upcycle and recycle many of our pieces of furniture and decorative items.

Will my cell phone work in Portugal?

When heading to Portugal, you can always just keep your U.S. wireless carrier but turn your phone to airplane mode and rely on wifi and international calling apps to call home. If you need to use your phone in a pinch, a two-minute call will run you $40 on AT&T and $35.80 on Verizon if you don’t change to an international plan ahead of time. Also, before landing in Portugal, make sure you turn cellular data and roaming off or put your phone to airplane mode so you are not charged roaming fees.
If your phone is unlocked, you can also purchase a SIM card. Here is an article on purchasing a Portugal SIM Card.