Sarah Shannon
Original Hot Yoga
“I love this yoga and I love sharing it with others. I want to encourage and inspire people to live their best life.”

Sarah grew up in the Region (Northwest Indiana) and then went to college at Anderson University. After graduating, she moved to Indy and absolutely loves it! Sarah’s Original Hot Yoga Journey began when a friend saw that The Hot Room was having a free class and so they decided to check it out. After Sarah’s first class, she felt excited! She was excited that she made it through class without dying! She was also excited that the instructor and staff were so kind and welcoming! She was excited because she realized this was something that would change her life!


Favorite posture?

Standing head to knee. It’s a posture that I feel strong in but one that I’m always trying to improve on.

What do you do outside of the studio?

Traveling, eating and drinking at delicious restaurants, watching Netflix, reading, hanging out with friends and family.

Personal mantra?

Be silly. Be happy. Be positive. Be kind.