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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month With Ana Guerrero

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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month With Ana Guerrero

  • How do you create a welcoming and inclusive space for people from diverse backgrounds in your yoga classes?  

  • By always acknowledging clients as they enter the studio, making every client feel seen and supported, especially new clientsA simple smile goes a long way. I’ve always been someone, even when I was younger, who felt badly when others were feeling left out. I would go out of my way to include them in conversations, to acknowledge that they were in the room.  


  • Are there any traditional Hispanic practices or philosophies that you integrate into your yoga teachings? 

  • Yes, because I am Mexican, I do believe that Mexican culture in general is more warm, welcoming and family orientedThis is how I grew up so I think this is a big reason why I strive to mimic a similar class experience - one where you will feel welcomed and a part of something – like a member of my family.  


  • Could you share a memorable experience or success story from your journey as a yoga instructor? 

  • The first time I had to go up to the front of the room and teach my peers during my teacher training. I remember feeling so embarrassedI felt like an imposterI went back to my mat and dropped into childs pose and could feel the tears coming onWe had been going through the yamas and niyamas and in that moment when I was telling myself all these negative stories, something clicked. I thought of the Ahimsa – to be non-harming to others and to yourselfI realized that if I learn how to be more kind to myself, to give myself grace, I can also do this for others.   

  • There was a woman that I had met, previously, and we briefly talked about the benefits of yogaShe found out that I was teaching a yoga class in Spanish and showed up for the class.  I personally felt like it wasn’t a great class, however after class, this woman came up to me almost in tears and shared that she had been holding onto something for a while and in my class, she finally felt like she was able to let that goAgain, I was so hard on myself and wrapped up in my performance. It was a humbling experienceI shouldn’t be worrying about myself and my expectations to be perfect.  I am able to make an impact on other’s lives by being kind to myself.   


  • In what ways do you celebrate and promote Hispanic culture and heritage within the yoga community? 

  • I celebrate my Hispanic culture by teaching classes in Espanol and by sharing the benefits of yoga with my community. I love sharing what it has done for me and for othersI like to lead by example. I am always inviting people to join me for class and I enjoy teaching yoga to schools in underserved communities.   


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