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Celebrating 10 Years with Nancy Hildebrand

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Celebrating 10 Years with Nancy Hildebrand

I’m Nancy Hildebrand and I’ve been involved in The Hot Room since it started. My most recent adventure is I’ve done 800 classes so far and I’m in The Hot Room teacher training which I’m really excited about. Plus, I’m exploring potentially doing other things for The Hot Room starting with front desk duties.  


Can you share a favorite memory from your time at THR in the last ten years?  

When I came back after a long illness, and I had a lot of muscle rebuilding to do, I was so warmly greeted by Hye Jin, welcomed, and assured that everything would be fine. She put a mat for me by the door so that I could get out if I needed to. And it was the start of a beautiful journey back to strong muscles and finding my way back to my practice not only in my body but in my mind and my spirit.  


What keeps you coming back to the hot room?  

The Hot Room is such an amazing place. I think what keeps me coming back is the community here and of course, a big part of that community is the amazing teachers! So many of them that I’ve been fortunate to practice with are so inspiring. I know that there are a lot of teachers that I don’t know, and I know I am missing out just from others what other people have to say. The community here is so loving, accepting and gracious. That includes my fellow Yogis that I practice with as well. It’s just inspiring the things that various members and staff have accomplished. It keeps me coming back.  


How has THR community affected you, your life, your lifestyle?  

The biggest thing is that The Hot Room community has been there for me every step of the way with my health issues. Even when I couldn’t come people were texting me to make sure that I was okay and helping my body get back to where it was before. And helping me find a sense of peace so that I can come and focus for an hour on myself by turning my mind off so that I can be the best person that I can be not only when I’m on the mat in The Hot Room but when I’m off my mat and in the world and regular places.  


Is there anything you’d like to say to THR community, staff, leadership, Hye Jin and Ash?  

First and foremost, with such gratitude I thank Hye Jin for taking the leap to open this amazing place and of course, Ash who was my Tuesday morning 6 AM teacher for a long, long time. Both are just incredibly inspiring. And to the teachers, I say thank you. You are all absolutely amazing. And to my fellow Yogis in this community, lots and lots of gratitude and love. I just appreciate all the light and love that I’ve felt here over the last 10 years! 


What is your hope for the next ten years? In your practice, our community, growth of THR, etc? 

As I look forward to the next 10 years, as I mentioned, I am in teacher training and exploring some other potential opportunities with The Hot Room. And I really hope that my teacher training experience will help me in my own personal practice as I have some body issues. My body just isn’t able to do some of the things the way that we are supposed to do them. I’ve learned a lot already in teacher training how to help myself adjust and do what’s right for my body. And in turn, I really hope that I will be able to help other people do that as well. Because we are all different, our bodies are all different and lots of people need special adjustments and attention to what they are doing. I really hope that The Hot Room maintains this amazing culture and the community that it has, and that it continues to expand. I would love to see them open additional spots, maybe here in the Indianapolis area. Who knows where it could go. I just think that they have a wonderful business and a wonderful community of teachers and leaders. And of course, with Hye Jin and Ash at the helm who knows where it can go! I look forward to the next 10 years.  


What makes THR different than other studios or workouts you have done in the past?  

For me, at The Hot Room, I tend to focus on Original Hot Yoga and the reason that I fell in love with The Hot Room and with that particular practice is because it’s not a competition with anyone else it’s really just a great way for me to personally see how I’m growing and changing and how my body is responding to postures and the heat every single day on the mat. It really has turned into an open eye moving meditation for me that really helps me make my body stronger, my mind stronger, and my spirit stronger so that I can go out and be the best person that I can be in our community.  

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