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Celebrating 10 Years with Miranda Fencl

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Celebrating 10 Years with Miranda Fencl

My name is Miranda Fencl, and I’ve been a member at The Hot Room since 2015.  


Can you share a favorite memory from your time at THR in the last ten years?  

Just being a part of that first teacher training was a cool opportunity and even though I’m not teaching now I do still feel like I gained a lot of confidence by learning new things and what it takes to be a Yoga teacher. I take a lot of what I’ve learned from that into my job as a mental health therapist because it is a lot about just learning to breathe and being able to teach that to other people is a part of what I do every day anyway. Being a part of that first teacher training for Vinyasa was a really great opportunity. 


What keeps you coming back to the hot room?  

The benefits that I feel in my body keep me coming back for more. I can have the hardest class in the world and then I come back the next day just because I know how it makes me feel better every single time! Those mental health benefits too. It truly does keep me grounded and it’s always there for me.  


How has THR community affected you, your life, your lifestyle?  

The Hot Room community has affected all aspects of my life. Like I said in my job as a mental health therapist, I work with teenagers all day, so it helps me keep myself grounded throughout the day. And helps me stay comfortable in uncomfortable situations. It also in some ways has helped me manage my time throughout the week. I always schedule my classes throughout the week and prioritize them because I know that if I don’t go to my classes, it affects my own mental health. It’s not just about physical health but mental health for me.  


What does THR mean to you?  

The Hot Room is a place where I can just be me. Throughout the day I’m just go, go, go and when I’m here I can let go and not have to think about things anymore. It truly is my place to just be me and be calm.  


What makes THR different than other studios or workouts you have done in the past?  

I’ve always been very active. I played sports growing up, I’ve done all kinds of different workouts. I just never actually felt that great after a workout. People would always say when you go for a run you get a runner’s high, and I never really felt that. But there is nothing like the feeling that you feel after any type of Hot Yoga class. It’s the sense of calm and feeling like you’ve just finished a great workout. I also just love the recovery aspect I feel from it. I know that if I do any kind of training, I can come to an OHY class the next day and I won’t feel that type of soreness I would feel if I didn’t take that kind of recovery. 


Is there anything you’d like to say to THR community, staff, leadership, Hye Jin and Ash?  

Thank you everyone! I moved here from the Chicago area in 2015 and I didn’t know a lot of people here so coming to The Hot Room was such a welcoming environment. When I go into other studios when I travel it never feels the same and I miss being here. I wish I could take The Hot Room with me everywhere! Thank you, Ash and Hye Jin for everything that you do here. It’s such a great environment and I can tell that everyone here is so welcoming. It truly just feels like a home I can come to all the time.  


What is your hope for the next ten years? In your practice, our community, growth of THR, etc? 

In the next 10 years, I think just for me to continue to be consistent no matter what life might bring me. I know I always will continue to show up no matter what’s going on in my life, no matter how stressed I am that day, Yoga at The Hot Room has always been here for me and I know it will always continue to be. Since I started here in 2015, there was only one studio and now it just keeps growing and I would just love to see more and more people feeling that they can come here.  

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