Eden Shroyer
Inferno Hot Pilates and Yin Yoga
“I teach to share the joy of yoga and Pilates with others. Taking classes helps me to feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally. I want to share these feelings with others and show them that yoga and Pilates are so much more than physical workouts!”
Eden joined The Hot Room in May of 2016. She found the studio through a Yelp event that took place at the downtown studio. The event was an Inferno Hot Pilates class taught by Hye Jin, and she was immediately hooked! She thought Inferno Hot Pilates meant she was going to look “hot” after she took class. She was wrong.  She literally had no idea the room would be heated and sweat beads would be rolling down her chest before class started. After a sweaty and energizing class, she bought her intro month, eventually signed up for teacher training, and the rest is history.


Favorite Posture?

Triangle has been my favorite pose lately! I love feeling my entire body light up! Once I learned to dig in and squeeze my inner thigh muscles in this pose, it was a game changer because this used to be my least favorite pose when I was unsure of how to hold it!

Guilty pleasure?

Jamming to country music. It seems like the majority of my friends and family hate it.

Your favorite activity?

My favorite thing to do is go to comedy shows! I would go to one every night if I could! I also love to hang out with friends and family in settings where we can talk and crack jokes. I also like to play sudoku, complete jigsaw puzzles, color, and binge watch my favorite shows.