Preciss Stone
Original Hot Yoga
“I’ve seen five years of sweat, hard work and determination, with so many members coming through our door with the same goal. It’s been a huge influx of different bodies and diversity. Not just in race, but diversity in body shapes and gender. It’s really amazing to see how the community has transformed. The Hot Room community truly makes this yoga accessible to every BODY! “
After only 6 short months of practice, Preciss’s instant infatuation with hot yoga inspired her enough to become a teacher herself. Becoming a teacher not only allowed her to strengthen her own practice, but it also granted her the opportunity to positively affect others’ lives. While Preciss has experienced immense personal growth through The Hot Room, she’s also been able to watch the community around her flourish and transform together over the last 5 years. 

Favorite Posture?

I actually have two: triangle & camel. Both challenging and invigorating!

Favorite song to pump you up!

I’m Bossy by Kelis

Interesting Fact?

My birthdate 1-9-78 and birth year 1978 are the same.